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Junk Removal

Have a pile of junk to get rid of? Let A Masters Touch handle that for you. We'll take care of every last scrap and leave your space looking good as new.

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(585) 213-4273

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75 mile radius of Wayland, NY

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Let us help remove your junk - and your worries!

Recently bought a home and they left all their belongings behind? Or maybe you have things that have accumulated for years and you are ready to downsize. Give us a call to help.

A Personal Touch

One of our professional staff members will come meet with you and take a look at what you have, then form a game plan based on your needs to declutter your home and get it to how you want it!

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We Can Do It All

From top-to-bottom - both large and small problems, our masterful team will help you to remove the things you don't want... or need!

Before and after of removing junk

Does your space look like this?

Call us today to transform your junk-packed spaces for a fresh start!

Lots of Junk
Junk in Room


Patricia Johnston

I have had Master Touch a couple of times and have been very satisfied. One to deep clean a family room carpet and once to clean a master bedroom. I have been very satisfied with both jobs. Very friendly, detailed and pleasant to have in my home. Thank you Master Touch !

Mary Stellpflug

My apartment was such a mess before they came, I felt paralyzed just walking into my kitchen, bathroom or bedroom. After they left I finally felt at home in my own apt for the first time since i moved in 3 yrs ago! They went above and beyond the deep clean, took away furniture I wanted to get rid of, Helped me sort and get rid of so much junk and clothing i didn't need.

Tara Farmer

We just built a house and also inherited some large garbage piles that needed to be taken care of. A Masters Touch was diligent, quick, and easy to work with. Saved us a lot of time! The hard work is very much appreciated!! Thank you!!

Erin Huff Shepard

I highly recommend A MASTERS TOUCH for moving. I don’t know what I would have done without them! Eric was very professional and the movers were fast, patient, efficient and fun to work with. The price was very reasonable and they were there on time and ready to work hard!

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303 North Lackawanna Street
Suite 112
Wayland, NY 14572


Monday–Friday, 8am–4pm

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Give us a call: (585) 213-4273
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We'll get back to you as quickly as possible!

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